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Cookie statement

Cookie statement Webshop

1.    This is the cookie statement of the webshop, hereinafter: the webshop.

2.    What are cookies? 

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit the website of the webshop. The information in this cookie will recognize you as a visitor on our website the next time.

3.    Why cookies? 

There are several types of cookies

-       Functional cookies. These ensure that a website can function correctly and may be placed without permission. 

-       Analytical cookies. These are used to view and analyze the visitor’s behavior on a website. In some cases these visits can be made completely anonymous and no permission is required, but then this is mentioned on a website. In cases where personal data are to be redirected, permission will always be requested. 

-       Tracking Cookies. These are used to track the surfing habits so that the visitor can receive advertisements specifically addressed to him / her. Permission must always be given.

4.    The webshop uses functional cookies and analytical cookies to provide a user-friendly website. In addition, the webshop uses tracking cookies. If you do not wish to receive these cookies, you can delete them in your browser.

5.    What cookies and how long are they kept? 

Google Analytics: with the help of these cookies, the webshop is able to see which pages are visited and which are clicked on within the website. Your data will be used in an anonymous form to analyze visits to the website using Google Analytics. The webshop has finalised an agreement with Google on this subject. When sharing your data, a portion of your IP address is withheld for your privacy. This means that your data cannot be traced to you or used by third parties. These cookies are stored for up to 14 months. The function 'Sharing data with Google Analytics’ is turned off.

6.    Social media-buttons.  When you want to share something you can do that by clicking on the relevant social media button. When you click on one of those buttons, a cookie is placed. Because the cookies are placed by the social media networks, we have no control over the content of those cookies. We do not know which cookies are placed and how long they are being kept. This depends on the choices of those social networks. 

Your anonymous information about your behaviour on the webshop’s site can be shared with these parties, because on many pages buttons are implemented from these parties. It is not possible for the webshop to personally redirect the data to you.

7.    If you want to know what data these social media are processing then we advise you to consult the privacy statements of these parties. These parties are to be considered as independent processing officers within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation.

8.    Developments. The texts on the website can be re-arranged and updated at any time. This also applies to the cookie statement. For this reason, we advise you to read the statement and check regularly for any changes.

9.    Turn off cookies or remove them.
Through your Internet browser, you can remove cookies automatically or manually. It is also possible to set your Internet browser in such a way that you receive a message when cookies are being placed. Another possibility is to indicate that certain cooks should not be placed. Look for these options in the help function of your browser. If you remove the cookies in your browser, they will be replaced when you visit the website again, but only with your permission.

10. Unforeseen cookies.
It can happen that cookies are being placed by third parties, which are not in the cookie overview. This is particularly the case when our websites contain so called  embedded elements, like a video stored on YouTube, but is shown on the webshop’s website. Because of the way the Internet and Web sites operate we are often not aware of a cookie that is being placed by a third party. If you find unforeseen cookies that are not in in our overview with known cookies, you may contact us at

Last amended on 22 november 2020