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About Us

Our first shop opened its doors in 1983. Situated right in the city heart of Amsterdam, our store became the center of attention for all people who love  Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardrock, Trash Metal, Punkrock, R&B, and Rap T-shirts.

Through a business partner from the United States, we initially bought t-shirts from all music bands from all over the world. We bought shirts from bands like: Metallica, Guns and Roses, 2pac, Fear Factory, Slayer, Sepultura, Kiss, Nirvana, Doors, Led Zeppelin etc. From our store in Amsterdam we supplied small private customers all over Europe like Berlin, London, Paris, Barcelona etc. We had also many customers who came to our store. Beside shirts we also started to sell products like buckles, jackets, sweatshirts, flags and caps of many bands.

The demand for our products was much higher than expected, so we opened a new shop in 1995 at Nieuwendijk 111 in Amtsterdam, which was twice as big. Our store became very famous in The Netherlands. Everyone who needed band merch came to our store!

We only sell official vintage items, no reproductions or bootlegs. We have a big collection of deadstock and worn vintage stuff from the 90s. Every item in our shop has its own story.

With our new web shop we want to share our unique and rare (80s, 90s and 00s) collection with the whole world. It is time for everyone all over the world to have the opportunity to get a very rare vintage shirt or other vintage related item.

Quality, honesty and sustainability are the keywords for our company. We are unique in the work we do and service we deliver.

We hope you will become a member of our vintage shirts community.